Dunlap Leadership Academy

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DLA uses P.R.I.D.E as the acronym for their site behavioral expectations:
P - Perseverance
R - Respect
 I - Integrity
D - Drive
E - Excellence
We have specifically defined what these behaviors look like in given areas of our working school whether that be at an actual school site or off campus site. It is the behaviors on the PRIDE matrix that we hope to practice and make a permanent part of our character as DLA staff and students.  As students demonstrate PRIDE while at DLA, students earn PBIS points to be redeemed at our student store.  Students earn points for a variety of behaviors, as long as they align with our PRIDE expectations.  In addition to earning PBIS points, students also qualify for various reward activities and trips throughout the year, such as lunch at Dave and Busters, pizza parties, and a trip to the Breakout Room in Fresno.  
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