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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Accreditation, Graduation, and Diploma
Is the Dunlap Leadership Academy program accredited?

Yes! Dunlap Leadership Academy is fully accredited through our partnership with APEX and FuelEd. The accreditation includes The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the North Central Association (NCA). Courses are correlated to state standards.

Who will issue my diploma?

Kings Canyon Unified School District will issue the diploma on behalf of the Dunlap Leadership Academy online program.

Will I attend a graduation ceremony?

Yes, Dunlap Leadership Academy students will graduate with their fellow online students in a special graduation ceremony.
How Our Online Education Works
Is online learning for me?

The online student must take responsibility for his or her own learning. In any online education program, the student must be a self-directed learner, have internal motivation to manage his or her own learning during the course of study, and have a basic grasp of Internet navigation. Dunlap Leadership Academy™ requires students to make the appropriate time for their coursework, in order to succeed. However, we have four full-time instructors in the core subject of Math, English, Science and History who are available when you come to one of the resource centers to provide remediation when needed.

How does this work?

Because all of our courses are online, we offer our students flexibility that they might not receive in a traditional setting. Our curriculum is rigorous, engaging, and self-paced. All of our courses are backed by our highly qualified staff of credentialed teachers who are available via instant message, phone, or email.
Attendance Costs
What is the cost of taking online courses?

Dunlap Leadership Academy offers its courses FREE for students who meet the qualifications of the program.

How can it be free?

In the state of California, the same funding used for traditional students can be used for online students; therefore there is no fee for taking online courses for most students.

Can I take classes part-time and still be a part of Dunlap Leadership Academy?

Unfortunately, this is a full-time program only.

How many courses must a full-time student take?

Full-time students take a minimum of 10 courses (5 in the fall, 5 in the spring).

Who chooses my courses?

Courses are chosen and approved for the student by our DLA counselor and agreed upon by student, teachers and parent/guardian when master contract is signed. Courses that a student is required to take are dependent on the student’s prior transcript, DLA graduation requirements.
Qualifying as a Student
Is online learning for me?

The flexibility of online learning adds a unique level of responsibility. To succeed, you must be a self-directed learner, sufficiently self-motivated to manage your own learning schedule, and must have a basic grasp of Internet navigation.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, students age 21 and over are unable to participate in the program. Some other restrictions may apply.

What grade levels does Dunlap Leadership Academy serve?

Dunlap Leadership Academy serves students in grades 9-12.

Teaching & Curriculum
Who is my teacher?

Your teacher for each course is a California state-credentialed teacher who has experience teaching online courses. Your first introduction to your teacher will be in a welcome phone call once your enrollment is approved. Your teacher will give you an overview of the course and answer any questions you have.

How can I contact my teacher?
You are required to meet with your supervising teacher once a week in person or if you are a charter student by phone. We have websites, emails and phones to keep in contact. Online instructors are by email and chat conversations.

What do I need to do to succeed in a Dunlap Leadership Academy course?

When you take an online course you need to prepare yourself as you would for any course in a classroom setting. Key differences are that your teacher is online and not face-to-face, and your lessons are on a computer. In an online course, time management is critical to success because most activities can be accomplished asynchronously, which means you don't necessarily have to be online at the same time as your instructor or other students.

What materials are needed in order to take Dunlap Leadership Academy courses?

All of the courses offered by Dunlap Leadership Academy can be taken 100% online so there is very little need for any additional materials. Some advanced courses may require additional materials. The only things students truly need to begin their coursework are Internet access and a computer. All of our courses can be accessed through dial-up Internet access, but high-speed access is recommended.
Technical Requirements
What type of software or hardware will I need on my computer to take these courses?

There are some basic requirements for the computer on which you will be working.

Do I need a high-speed connection?

You can successfully access of our courses with a dial-up Internet connection, but we recommend high-speed access for the best experience.
College Credit

Who is eligible for college credit?

To be eligible for college credit, new and existing Dunlap Leadership Academy students must be:

• A full-time student
• Graduating in the current year
• Currently achieving a 3.0 GPA or higher
• A U.S. citizen or have permanent residency status

How do I receive college credit?

To receive college credit, you must successfully complete one of our college courses.

What courses are available for college credit?

Click in course under Guidance

How do I sign up for the college credit program?

Simply enroll as a full-time student and request more information about college credit during your first term.