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December 10th Deadline Coming soon!!!

Remember, all students need to have two courses complete with two courses at adequate progress on track to finish by semester's end. This is a MINIMUM requirement asking that only 4 classes be complete in the first semester. To be on track, a student should complete 6 plus PE.
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Course Progress

By the end of Monday, September 21st, all students should be at 175% complete with all their courses combined. So, each class should be around 58-59% complete in order to be on track to have 3 classes done by October 16th, the end of our first session.
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About DLA

In the Dunlap Leadership Academy™ program, we know that each person learns differently and we embrace those students who need another option for their high school education. The online program at Dunlap Leadership Academy is available to students in Fresno county and surrounding counties.
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KCUSD Mission

KCUSD's mission is to provide a broad spectrum of educational programs and co-curricular activities for all students so that they may attain their highest potential
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